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How to get AngularJS to fill initial tag value in svg template?

I'm trying to get an AngularJS directive to set various properties in an svg tag.

.directive("cartesianPlane", function() {
return {
restrict: "E",
scope: { },
templateUrl: "shared/cartesianPlane/cartesianPlaneView.html",
controller: function($scope) {
$scope.viewBox = {
x : -20,
y : -20,
width : 40,
height : 40,

value : function() {
return this.x + ' ' + this.y + ' ' + this.width + ' ' + this.height;
link: function($scope, $elem) {
// Then adjust for aspect ratio
var aspectRatio = $elem.height() / elem.width();
$scope.viewBox.height = $scope.viewBox.width * aspectRatio;

<!-- cartesianPlaneView.html -->

<svg width='100%' height='100%' viewBox='{{viewBox.value()}}' style='position:relative; top:0px; left:0px; float:left;'>
<line class='axis' x1='{{viewBox.x}}' y1='0' x2='{{viewBox.x + viewBox.width}}' y2='0'></line>
<line class='axis' x1='0' y1='{{viewBox.y}}' x2='0' y2='{{viewBox.y + viewBox.height}}'></line>

There are two problems with this method:

1) AngularJS seems to render the tag from the templateUrl without inserting the values initially. Therefore the browser complains:

Error: Invalid value for <svg> attribute viewBox="{{viewBox.value()}}"
Error: Invalid value for <line> attribute y1="{{viewBox.y}}"
Error: Invalid value for <line> attribute y2="{{viewBox.y + viewBox.height}}"
Error: Invalid value for <line> attribute x1="{{viewBox.x}}"
Error: Invalid value for <line> attribute x2="{{viewBox.x + viewBox.width}}"

I would have thought that when the template was rendered, the initial values from $scope would be inserted immediately? Instead the template {{}} tags are going in as is.

2) The $elem parameter to the link function doesn't have width() and height() properties. When are these available and how can I compute & set the aspectRatio when they are?

Error: TypeError: $elem.height() is not a function

Answer Source

I believe for problem #1 you'll want to use ng-attr. So, in your directive, you'll use ng-attr-viewBox, ng-attr-x, etc...

As for your second problem, .height() should be available there and should be provided by JQLite

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