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Securing Git server on windows?

Using msysgit and copssh, is it possible to secure the ssh part such that it can only access the relevant git executables and also be constrained to access only one folder?

I have a feeling that a git server on windows will be very much more open than a svn server like visual svn. I'm hoping to be proved wrong.

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I would very much recommend using one of the Git-HTTP projects. See my answer at:

You're trying to make Windows behave like UNIX. Better go with the flow, and use a .NET based solution as Git server backend.

When you have the deal with a small 2-person project (as you mentioned in the comments), you can also host the git repository on a Windows network share. It just works, and you clone the UNC path (or mapped drive letter) in your git client.

For UNC paths, when you use slashes instead of backslashes (i.e. //server01/git/myrepos.git).

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