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Javascript Question

How does object[[["key"]]] evaluate to object["key"] in javascript?

Why does javascript evaluate the following as true, given that object

has a valid property

foo[[[["bar"]]]] === foo["bar"]

Based on operator precedence, I would think
is trying to access a property with the array
as the key, but why does that still "flatten down" to the same as

Colleagues of mine are saying javascript parsers have bracket simplifying which ignores the extra brackets. I don't think this is true since saving
to a variable
gives the same result:

> test = [[["bar"]]]
> foo["bar"] = 5
> foo[test]

What aspect of the language or parser is causing this behavior? Thanks!

Answer Source

JavaScript bracket notation accepts an expression, but it always converts the value of that expression to a string. Thus if you pass in an array, it will attempt to convert it to a string. In your case you are passing in an array [[["bar"]]], and [[["bar"]]].toString() === "bar".

If you are wondering why [[["bar"]]].toString() === "bar", it is because when an array arr is converted to a string implicitly it is like calling arr.join(','). That is each of its elements are converted to strings and then joined in a comma separated string. When the array only has one element, the string representation of the array is just the string representation of that one element. In your case your array ([[["bar"]]]) has one element: [["bar"]].

That array is converted to a string too, and since it is also a one element array, the string representation of it is the string representation of that single element: ["bar"].

["bar"] is also an array with one element, which is a string, so the string representation of ["bar"] is just "bar".

What this comes down to is: [[["bar"]]].toString() === "bar"

and foo[[[["bar"]]]] is the same as foo[[[["bar"]]].toString()].

You would also find that:

foo[[[[1]],[2]]] === foo["1,2"]

because: [[[1]],[2]].toString() === "1,2".

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