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Objective-C Question

Execute multiple statemens in a single STAssert… macro?

I’d like to execute more than one statement in the

family of macros, is that possible? Something like:

STAssertTrue([foo doSomething] && [barDoSomethingElse], @"Should…");

The code above works for methods that return booleans, I’d like something similar for
return types:

[foo doSomething];
[bar doSomethingElse];
}, @"Should…");

Of course, here the preprocessor complains.

Answer Source

Since any valid C code is also valid Objective-C; you can use the , operator from C for a single argument, as long as you use it in parenthesis.

Like this:

NSAssertNoThrow(([foo doSomething], [bar doSomethingElse]), @"Whatever");

The , operator lets you composite several expressions as a single statement returning the value of the last expression.

I would advise strongly against using this in STAssert… statements since you will loose important information about which tests that failed.

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