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How to pop view controller to one of the previous view controllers in swift?

I have been trying to pop my view controller to one of previous view controllers in my view stack. Assume that, There are firstVC, secondVC, thirdVC and fourthVC viewcontrollers in my view stack. The current view controller is fourth one, and there is a tableview in fourthVC. If user delete all the rows in tableview, I should direct the user to secondVC. I had an idea that I would create another navigationcontroller and present it with presentViewController command. However, this is not a solution for my problem. Because I thougt that a navigation problem appears for this case. How can I find best solution for this case ?

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Instead of doing a generic popViewControllerAnimated: call, use popToViewController:animated:. You could detect if the user has deleted all of the rows in which case, do something like this (otherwise just pop one view controller):

let viewControllers: [UIViewController] = self.navigationController!.viewControllers as [UIViewController];
self.navigationController!.popToViewController(viewControllers[viewControllers.count - 2], animated: true);
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