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Ionic Crosswalk Application Error and other stuffs

I'm developing an Ionic app and decided to use the Crosswalk(lite) on my project. I installed the crosswalk lite through here:
$ cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-crosswalk-webview --variable XWALK_MODE="lite"

After the build it creates 4 apk for me:

And then comes the first question:

1) I understand the different archtecture, but whats the "unaligned" means?

Moving on, I installed the CORRECT apk to my phone, and when the App run for the first time, I received this error message:

enter image description here
On the Emulator, the app don't run at all. So I use 2 other phones and they fired the same messages, BUT after the app shutdown, I tap it to run, and now its fine.

2) Do you guys know what is this, what am I doing wrong?

3) When I finish the app, cause of the Crosswalk my users will see the: Crosswalk Project Install when they launch the app for the first time?

4) And lastly, I know Xwalk increase my app size, but the apk jumped from 30mb to 70mb fully installed. Is that right? Can I do something to decrease this?

Anyway, thanks everyone! o/

Answer Source

1) ANSWERED IN: http://stackoverflow.com/a/22058230/1691609

It is a two step process. The unaligned apk is just an intermediate product.

  1. the unaligned apk is generated
  2. the unaligned gets aligned and produces the aligned apk

2) ANSWERED IN: http://stackoverflow.com/a/12322945/1691609


In your config.xml file add this line:

<preference name="loadUrlTimeoutValue" value="700000" />


This can be happened due to the following reasons

The core reason: the problem is likely due to the speed of the emulator so the network is too slow complete the communication in a timely fashion.

This can be due to:

  1. Your code/data/image is of too much of size ( I guess in your case you are using some images ,as you said you made some UI modifications, may be the size of images are high)
  2. Your script may have a infinite or long loop, so that it takes too much of time to load.
  3. You will be using too much of scripts (jQuery, iscroll, etc etc.. more number of plugins or scripts )

3) ANSWERED: Yes they will :ยด(

4) ANSWERED: You can compress your images with Compress.io but the size will be big anyway...

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