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Merge PDF files

I did a search and nothing really seemed to be directly related to this question. Is it possible, using Python, to merge seperate PDF files?

Assuming so, I need to extend this a little further. I am hoping to loop through folders in a directory and repeat this procedure.

And I may be pushing my luck, but is it possible to exclude a page that is contained in of the PDFs (my report generation always creates an extra blank page).

Answer Source

Use Pypdf:

A Pure-Python library built as a PDF toolkit. It is capable of:
* splitting documents page by page,
* merging documents page by page,

(and much more)

An example of two pdf-files being merged into a single file with pyPdf:

# Loading the pyPdf Library
from pyPdf import PdfFileWriter, PdfFileReader

# Creating a routine that appends files to the output file
def append_pdf(input,output):
    [output.addPage(input.getPage(page_num)) for page_num in range(input.numPages)]

# Creating an object where pdf pages are appended to
output = PdfFileWriter()

# Appending two pdf-pages from two different files

# Writing all the collected pages to a file