Manikandan Arunachalam Manikandan Arunachalam - 1 year ago 86
AngularJS Question

Do i need node.js to use Angularjs?

I would like to use

for my Image Editing Tool in my website.

Do I need
also ?.

I don't understand the scenario.if i don't need that one,when nodejs and angularjs both together?

Answer Source

You don't need NodeJS for creating a client side image editing tool.

AngularJS is a web application framework, maintained by Google and the community, that assists with creating single-page applications, which consist of one HTML page with CSS and JavaScript on the client side.

But if someday you will want to upload and store those images on a server and make them accessible by multiple clients - then yes you will also need a server. This server could be made with NodeJS.

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