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Node size on GKE kubernetes

We run our cluster with two nodes of type standard 2: 7.5Gb and 2vCPU

are there any recommended minimum size for a cluster on GKE. I assume there is no real master as this is a managed "service"?

I'm struggling to deal with resource limits.

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There is no recommended minimum size. However, pods have both CPU and memory requests and limits.

Requests define how much free CPU/memory there must be on a node so a pod can be scheduled there; that amount is then reserved for that pod and won't be considered 'free' for scheduling of a next pod.
On the other hand, limits define the maximum amount a pod can ask for - these can be overcommitted.

Try looking at your kubectl describe nodes output, which lists all pods and their requests and limits. By default, the requests are 100m (10% of a core) - if you know that some of your pods don't need that much, set this lower. Then you will be able to schedule more pods on a node or at least work out the number of nodes you need.

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