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Changing default line height in avalon edit

I am writing a custom software using avalon edit and I am looking for a way to make the space (height) between lines bigger. At the moment I am forced to add an empty line every time the user has ended writing a line and wants to write another.

I have started looking into the

Class where defaultLineHeight seems to be calculated but the only thing I was able to affect is the height of the visual caret but not the content itself.

At the moment I am looking at making every pair line invisible but I am hoping there is an easier way to achieve the simple operation of adding more space between lines.

Here is the method from class
I am inspecting at the moment. Any tips or hints would be welcome.

void CalculateDefaultTextMetrics()
if (defaultTextMetricsValid)

defaultTextMetricsValid = true;
if (formatter != null)
var textRunProperties = CreateGlobalTextRunProperties();
using (
var line = formatter.FormatLine(
new SimpleTextSource("x", textRunProperties),
new VisualLineTextParagraphProperties { defaultTextRunProperties = textRunProperties },
wideSpaceWidth = Math.Max(1, line.WidthIncludingTrailingWhitespace);
defaultBaseline = Math.Max(1, line.Baseline);
defaultLineHeight = Math.Max(1, line.Height);
wideSpaceWidth = FontSize / 2;
defaultBaseline = FontSize;
**defaultLineHeight = FontSize + 3; // bigger value only affects caret height :(**

// Update heightTree.DefaultLineHeight, if a document is loaded.
if (heightTree != null)
heightTree.DefaultLineHeight = defaultLineHeight;


Answer Source

The DefaultLineHeight is the height of a line in the default font, which is used as an initial assumption for the each line's height. (e.g. for calculating the scroll bar position)

Whenever a line gets actually measured (TextView.BuildVisualLine), the measured height gets stored in the height tree, overwriting the default height. This is because word wrapping (or a line transformer changing the font size) can cause each line to have a different height.

Inter-line spacing isn't really supported at the moment. If you want to add that, you can try changing the height calculation of the VisualLine, e.g. by changing VisualLine.SetTextLines().

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