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RenderScript not rendering ScriptIntrinsicBlur correctly, causing the ScriptIntrinsicBlur to render a rainbow of colors

Using the glide android library I get the image as a bitmap (see glide documentation) and then I try to blur the bitmap, using renderscript and ScriptIntrinsicBlur, which is a gaussian blur. (Taken from this stackoverflow post)

.into(new SimpleTarget<Bitmap>(300,200) {
public void onResourceReady(Bitmap resource, GlideAnimation glideAnimation) {

RenderScript rs = RenderScript.create(mContext); // context = this. this referring to the activity

final Allocation input = Allocation.createFromBitmap( rs, resource, Allocation.MipmapControl.MIPMAP_NONE, Allocation.USAGE_SCRIPT );
final Allocation output = Allocation.createTyped( rs, input.getType() );
final ScriptIntrinsicBlur script = ScriptIntrinsicBlur.create( rs, Element.U8_4( rs ) );


The problem is that this is the output, rather than a blurred image:
enter image description here

Any help would be much appreciated thanks. :)

Answer Source

Is it possible that the input image is not a U8_4 (i.e. RGBA8888)? Can you switch from using "Element.U8_4(rs)" to instead use "output.getElement()"? That would probably do the right thing. If it turns out that the image is not RGBA8888, you might at least get a Java exception describing what the underlying format is (if it isn't something supported with our Blur).

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