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Unable to install phpmyadmin on Windows Server 2012 R2

I'm working on developing a web portal for Data visualization using PHP & google charts.
I have installed

on windows server 2012 r2 but unable to install phpmyadmin.

I have put PHPMyAdmin folder to my root directory and give this url in my browser: localhost/PHPMyAdmin

I get following error:

Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function __() in C:\Apache\htdocs\phpMyAdmin\libraries\sanitizing.lib.php:135

Stack trace:
#0 C:\Apache\htdocs\phpMyAdmin\libraries\Message.php(586): PMA_sanitize('session_start()...', false, true)
#1 C:\Apache\htdocs\phpMyAdmin\libraries\Message.php(650): PMA\libraries\Message::decodeBB('session_start()...')
#2 C:\Apache\htdocs\phpMyAdmin\libraries\Error.php(167): PMA\libraries\Message->getMessage()
#3 C:\Apache\htdocs\phpMyAdmin\libraries\ErrorHandler.php(157): PMA\libraries\Error->getHash()
#4 C:\Apache\htdocs\phpMyAdmin\libraries\ErrorHandler.php(121): PMA\libraries\ErrorHandler->addError('session_start()...', 2, 'C:\\Apache\\htdoc...', 83, true)
#5 [internal function]: PMA\libraries\ErrorHandler->handleError(2, 'session_start()...', 'C:\\Apache\\htdoc...', 83, Array)
#6 C:\Apache\htdocs\phpMyAdmin\libraries\ session_start()
#7 C:\Apache\htdocs\phpMyAdmin\libraries\ require('C:\\Apache\\htdoc...')
#8 C:\Apache\htdocs\phpMyAdmin\inde in C:\Apache\htdocs\phpMyAdmin\libraries\sanitizing.lib.php on line 135


Check that your session directory is writable by the web server process.

The best way to do so is to create your own Phpinfo file; in any web accessible folder create a file (you can call it test.php or phpinfo.php or whatever you'd like) with the following content:


Open that file in your browser (http://localhost/test.php or similar) and look for the line session.save_path. That's your session folder; make sure the permissions are suitable and see if that helps.

Like on windows right click that folder mentioned and look into properties where one can change the permissions.