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How to Make RStudio Presentation Self-contained?

I'm writing a presentation in R using RStudio. To create new presentation, I select "R Presentation" from the File => New File menu. RStudio creates new document. Here is the template:

New Presentation

First Slide

For more details on authoring R presentations click the
**Help** button on the toolbar.

- Bullet 1
- Bullet 2
- Bullet 3

Slide With Code


Slide With Plot

```{r, echo=FALSE}

Once a presentation is created, it can be saved as an HTML. However, I cannot find an option to make it a self-contained HTML file.

As a counter-example, I can create a self-contained HTML file using Rmarkdown:

title: "Habits"
mathjax: local
self_contained: false

Source: http://rmarkdown.rstudio.com/ioslides_presentation_format.html

What is the equivalent of this code in RStudio R Presentation?

Additionally, does anyone know why they it both ways?

SOLVED (09/25/2017)! See Nova's answer below. Here is a screenshot to show how I allied it.

enter image description here

Answer Source

I've been able to "export" the presentation to html by going to the "Presentation" tab in RStudio, clicking the gear shift icon where it says "More", and choosing "Save as Webpage". This saved a stand-alone .html file that works when I open it from a different folder location.

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