Arun Arun - 2 years ago 55
Bash Question

Replace spaces in a file without changing those within fields

I have a CSV file with lines like,

5213 , 1395429467 , A , , , 1460706280 , John Doe

I know how to replace spaces in the file:
:%s/ //g
. It changes the entire file which has the spaces.

I want the last element
to maintain its spaces, so
John Doe
has to keep being
John Doe
and no

All together, the expected output is:

5213,1395429467,A,,,1460706280,John Doe

Can some one help me on how to achieve this?

Answer Source

You probably just need to replace every , (that is, space + comma + space) with a single ,:

sed 's/ , /,/g' file

Which retruns:

5213,1395429467,A,,,1460706280,John Doe
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