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How to validate forms in Angular JS

i'm a newbie in angular JS. and i was trying the input

, i'm retrieving my name from my controller and i was using
to validate my data but it isn't showing when i make the input field empty.

JS Fiddle : https://jsfiddle.net/U3pVM/24718/

var FormValidations = angular.module('FormValidations',[]);

FormValidations.controller('FormsValidations', function( $scope ){

$scope.formsToBeValidated = {
firstName : 'Daniel'



Unless you add name attribute to form level field, that will not get included in form object when you specified in the name attribute on form, currentlyh it is name="studentForm". Do add name="firstName" to your input field

<input type="text" class="form-control" 
  name="firstName" ng-model="formsToBeValidated.firstName" required/>

Forked Fiddle

For more information you could refer this answer, which has more detailed

More convenient way to solve this issue would be using ng-messages instead of using ng-show/ng-hide, for that you have to include ng-messages module with its ng-messages dependency.