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Diff between 2 timestamp - PHP

I am trying to calculate the difference between $timenow and $time.

$time = 2016-09-15 20:10:35
$timenow = 2016-09-15 20:40:42

I converted them to dateTime.

$time = new DateTime($time);
$timenow = new DateTime($timenow);

And then did the calculation:

$interval = $timenow->diff($time);
echo $interval;

Error: Catchable fatal error: Object of class DateInterval could not be converted to string

I looked at these
difference between 2 timestamps in php
Wrong hour difference between 2 timestamps (hh:mm:ss)

Those didn't help.

Answer Source

diff is going to return a DateInterval object full of good information about the difference between your two dates. You're just trying to echo that object which won't work. Do a var_dump() to see the object's properties:

$time = "2016-09-15 20:10:35";
$timenow = "2016-09-15 20:40:42";

$time = new DateTime($time);
$timenow = new DateTime($timenow);

$interval = $timenow->diff($time);

Then you can echo out the properties like:

echo $interval->i; // minutes
// 30

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