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Specify source file that defines function previously declared in a header file

I am creating a package that has a

folder. In it there are cpp files that reference a functions defined in a sub-directory inside
. Is there a way to specify the cpp files inside the sub-directory via g++?

Here is the structure of the package:

# SeqLib
# |----src
# |-----|---Makevars
# |-----|---rcpp_hello_world.cpp
# |-----|---SeqLib(a submodule)
# |-----|------|---SeqLib
# |-----|------|---FermiAssembler.h
# |-----|------|---src
# |-----|------|---|----FermiAssembler.cpp

************************* EDIT **************

When running
, I get an error
undefined symbol: _ZN6SeqLib14FermiAssemblerD1Ev
. Using c++filt, the symbol references the destructor declared in FermiAssembler.h but, defined in FermiAssembler.cpp

Answer Source

You have to pass all the .cpp files to the compiler command. It's strongly discouraged to include .cpp files in other .cpp files.

The command line that is likely to work for you is:

g++ -ISeqLib -o my_executable rcpp_hello_world.cpp SeqLib/src/FermiAssembler.cpp

If you have a lot of files, it is advised to create a makefile script to avoid recompiling all the code every time.

if your FermiAssembler product contains files, it can build itself using a configure script which is probably here. The general idea is the:

cd SeqLib

If it's a library product, it builds as a .a or .so file. In that case, the command line becomes:

g++ -ISeqLib -o my_executable rcpp_hello_world.cpp SeqLib/bin/FermiAssembler.a

(I'm just gessing the path & name of the output library file)

To include .a files from there, just add their path. Not sure that SeqLib/bin/*.a would do it because lib dependencies don't follow alphabetical order. A very bruteforce thing that would work would be specifying all .a files twice (so inter-lib dependencies would work):

g++ -ISeqLib -o my_executable rcpp_hello_world.cpp SeqLib/bin/*.a SeqLib/bin/*.a

it would be better, though, to include only the required .a files, respecting the following order: first the ones depending on the following ones. The last library mustn't depend of any of the previous ones.

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