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R Question

Capitalize the first letter of both words in a two word string

Let's say that I have a two word string and I want to capitalize
both of them.

name <- c("zip code", "state", "final count")

package has a function
which capitalized the first word, but I'm not sure
how to get the second word capitalized. The help page for
doesn't suggest that it can perform that task.

> library(Hmisc)
> capitalize(name)
[1] "Zip code" "State" "Final count"

I want to get:

"Zip Code" "State" "Final Count"

What about three word strings:

name2 <- c("I like pizza")

Answer Source

The base R function to perform capitalization is toupper(x). From the help file for ?toupper there is this function that does what you need:

simpleCap <- function(x) {
  s <- strsplit(x, " ")[[1]]
  paste(toupper(substring(s, 1,1)), substring(s, 2),
      sep="", collapse=" ")

name <- c("zip code", "state", "final count")

sapply(name, simpleCap)

     zip code         state   final count 
   "Zip Code"       "State" "Final Count" 

Edit This works for any string, regardless of word count:

simpleCap("I like pizza a lot")
[1] "I Like Pizza A Lot"