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reST (reStructuredText) Question

Call to REST BASED service with Parameter value "CON" fails

I am using rest based service to perform DML operations.

Here is my client:

var resourcePath = DeleteSubApplicationUri.Apply("AppCode", AppCode);
var DeleteSubAppuri = resourcePath.Apply("SubAppCode", SubAppCode);
result = await RefAppServers.RestClient.PostAsync < string, SaveDataMessage >(DeleteSubAppuri, SubAppCode);

, the call is not reaching the service. I had to change it to some other value (i.e.
) to get it working. But May I know why the value
is not allowing the service from being called? Is there any special inbuilt meaning for CON?

Answer Source

"CON" is a reserved filename on Windows: if you try and create a file or folder with that name it will fail.

See this question for a full list, and on MSDN for all the details.

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