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AngularJS Question

Point [ui-router otherwise] to static page

I have

with different layout than other sites so I've put it in my app directory and I do not have state for it.
However I'd like to redirect to
if user get 404.

I tried to get it by configuring ui-router inside of one module:

function routeConfig($urlRouterProvider, $windowProvider) {
var $window = $windowProvider.$get();
$urlRouterProvider.otherwise(function($injector, $window){
$window.location.href = '/login.html';

But unfortunatelly I got

Error: $window.location is undefined

How can I redirect to this 'static page'?

Answer Source

Your otherwise is a callback function of which, is a closure itself so your var $window = $windowProvider.$get() is NOT the same as the argument $window in your callback function, and hence the undefined.

The correct code should be:

function routeConfig($urlRouterProvider, $windowProvider) {
        var $window = $windowProvider.$get(); // put this line of code inside
        $window.location.href = '/login.html';
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