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Bash Question

gnuplot with muliple columns using loop

I have a number of files (having 10 columns each) with following order:

file_001.txt, file_002.txt, file_003_txt,
file_021.txt, file_023.txt, file_023.txt,
file_041.txt, file_042.txt, file_043.txt,
file_061.txt, file_062.txt, file_063.txt,
file_081.txt, file_082.txt, file_083.txt,

I would like to plot each file with different line. e.g. using 1:2, using 1:3, using 1:5, using 1:8. I can not able to make a loop to call different columns. My following script is not working for k field

plot for [k=2, 3, 5, 8] for [j=0:8:2] for [i=1:3] 'file_0'.j.i.'.txt' u 1:k;

Answer Source

Use for [k in "2 3 5 8"] if you have a list rather than a range.

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