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Web automation from C++

We need to do some fairly complex web automation from C++ application (log into application, do some actions, logout), but performance is really important so we are looking at options.

  1. Is there a way to drive WebKit or other headless engine directly from C++, without the need for few more layers in between (like selenium+webdriver+network communication+...)? Chromedriver perhaps?

  2. If option 1 is not possible, what is the most optimal way to run WebDriver (with real browser) from C++?

Answer Source

You should look into PhantomJS (a headless WebKit browser), which comes with GhostDriver, which is the WebDriver protocol implementation for PhantomJS.

You will still need to use one of the WebDriver language bindings, which I'm not aware of any of the language bindings that are in C++, but perhaps one of the available languages could be used by your team for automation purposes.

Worst case, you could always create your WebDriver script in Python, and call the Python script from your C++ application.

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