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Node.js Question

Not able to log lengthy messages using application insights trackEvent() method in Node.js

We are trying to log some lengthy message using AppInsights trackEvent() message. But it is not logging into AppInsights and not giving any error.

Please help me in logging lengthy string.

Please let us know the max limit for the trackEvent()

Answer Source

if you want to log messages then you should be using the trackTrace methods of the AI SDK, not trackEvent. trackTrace is intended for long messages and has a huge limit: (32k!) See

trackEvent is intended for named "events" like "opened file" or "clicked retry" or "canceled frobulating", where you might want to make charts, and track usage of a thing over time.

you can attach custom properties (string key, string value) and custom metrics (string key, double value) to anything. and if you set the operationId field on things in the sdk, anything with the same operationId can be easily found together via queries or visualized in the Azure Portal or in Visual Studio: track operation

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