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UITableViewCell Buttons with action

Hi I have a custom UITableViewCell with three buttons to handle a shopping cart function, Plus,Minus and Delete button and I need to know which cell has been touched.

I've already tried to use the "tag solution" but it isn't working due to the lifecycle of the cells.

Can anyone please help me find a solution?

Thanks in advance

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I was resolving this using a cell delegate method within UITableViewCell's subclass.

Quick overview:

1) Create a protocol

protocol YourCellDelegate : class {
    func didPressButton(_ tag: Int)

2) Subclass your UITableViewCell (if you haven't done so):

class YourCell : UITableViewCell
    weak var cellDelegate: YourCellDelegate?   

    // connect the button from your cell with this method
    @IBAction func buttonPressed(_ sender: UIButton) {

3) Let your view controller conform to YourCellDelegate protocol that was implemented above.

class YourViewController: ..., YourCellDelegate {  ... }

4) Set a delegate, after the cell has been defined (for reusing).

let cell = tableView.dequeueReusableCell(withIdentifier: cellIdentifier, for: indexPath) as! YourCell
cell.cellDelegate = self
cell.tag = indexPath.row

5) In the same controller (where is your implemented UITableView delegate/datasource), put a method from YourCellDelegate protocol.

func didPressButton(_ tag: Int) {
     print("I have pressed a button with a tag: \(tag)")

Now, your solution is not tag / number dependent. You can add as many buttons as you want, so you are ready to get response via delegate regardless how many buttons you want to install.

This protocol-delegate solution is preferred in iOS logic and it can be used for other elements in table cell, like UISwitch, UIStepper, and so on.

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