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How to send a message to a particular client with socket.io

I'm starting with socket.io + node.js, I know how to send a message locally and to broadcast

function:- all the connected clients receive the same message.

Now, I would like to know how to send a private message to a particular client, I mean one socket for a private chat between 2 person (Client-To-Client stream). Thanks.

Answer Source

When a user connects, it should send a message to the server with a username which has to be unique, like an email.

A pair of username and socket should be stored in an object like this:

var users = {
    '[email protected]': [socket object],
    '[email protected]': [socket object],
    '[email protected]': [socket object]

On the client, emit an object to the server with the following data:

    to:[the other receiver's username as a string],
    from:[the person who sent the message as string],
    message:[the message to be sent as string]

On the server, listen for messages. When a message is received, emit the data to the receiver.

users[data.to].emit('receivedMessage', data)

On the client, listen for emits from the server called 'receivedMessage', and by reading the data you can handle who it came from and the message that was sent.

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