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How to resolve "sql(sqlContext...)' is deprecated" warning in SparkR

I'm building a new version of some old code using SparkR. Upon a block like this

hiveContext <- sparkRHive.init(sc)
hive_db = 'our_database'
db <- sql(hiveContext, paste0("use ", hive_db))

I'm told that
'sparkRHive.init' is deprecated. Use 'sparkR.session' instead.
So, okay, fine, I now have:

hiveContext <- sparkR.session(sc)
hive_db = 'our_database'
db <- sql(hiveContext, paste0("use ", hive_db))

This runs, but now Spark warns
'sql(sqlContext...)' is deprecated. Use 'sql(sqlQuery)' instead.
I'm at a loss for what kind of input it's expecting here and would like to resolve this. Has anyone figured out what to do here?

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Since Spark 2.0 sql and the number of other functions (like createDataFrame) dont require SQLContext instance. Just:

sql(paste0("use ", hive_db))

Internally this will use getSparkSession to retrieve a session object.