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Dynamic attribute in ReactJS

I want to dynamically include/omit the disabled attribute on a button element. I have seen plenty of examples of dynamic attribute values, but not of attributes themselves. I have the following render function:

render: function() {
var maybeDisabled = AppStore.cartIsEmpty() ? "disabled" : "";
return <button {maybeDisabled}>Clear cart</button>

This throws a parse error because of the "{" character. How can I include/omit the disabled attribute based on the (boolean) result of AppStore.cartIsEmpty()?

Answer Source

The cleanest way to add optional attributes (including disabled and others you might want to use) is currently to use JSX spread attributes:

var Hello = React.createClass({
    render: function() {
        var opts = {};
        if (this.props.disabled) {
            opts['disabled'] = 'disabled';
        return <button {...opts}>Hello {this.props.name}</button>;

React.render((<div><Hello name="Disabled" disabled='true' />
    <Hello name="Enabled"  />
, document.getElementById('container'));

By using spread attributes, you can dynamically add (or override) whatever attributes you'd like by using a javascript object instance. In my example above, the code creates a disabled key (with a disabled value in this case) when the disabled property is passed to the Hello component instance.

If you only want to use disabled though, this answer works well.

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