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ASP.NET (C#) Question

Is DevExpress for ASP.NET fast enough

My question is simple and straight forward - Is DevExpress fast enough for real world web application. We're using DevExpress in our company to build a CRM for a client and every page has got lots of controls and its damn slow. On my development server it takes 10sec for a page with around 20 controls to load. Is this good or bad? And can you guys point me to a real life DevExpress application except the ones given on the case study section.

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They are fast enough. The DevExpress website is created using DevExpress controls and from my point of view, it works fast enough. To be able to help you improve performance, we need to know which controls are used on slow pages, how many data is shown simultaneously, which browsers you used to test, and finally the version of DevExpress controls you are using.

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