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Application Info of a non installed app

i am trying to get some info (name and icon) from a non installed app. Basically o got the apk file, i didn't installed it yet, but i would like to display its name and icon in a list.

I am trying to do this :

public void getReceivedApps() {
packageManager = getPackageManager();
System.out.println("TRANSFER-RECORDActivityThe received filePath is : " + receivedFilePath);

PackageInfo packageInfo = packageManager.getPackageArchiveInfo(receivedFilePath, PackageManager.GET_GIDS);
System.out.println("TRANSFER RECORD ACTIVYT : O TO STRING TO PACKAGE INFO : " + packageInfo.toString());
ApplicationInfo applicationInfo = packageInfo.applicationInfo;
Log.d(this.getClass().getName(), "packaginf0 : " + applicationInfo.toString());
String appName = applicationInfo.loadLabel(packageManager).toString();

System.out.println("TRANSFER RECORD ACTIVITY : THE APPNAME IS : " + appName);
Drawable icon = packageManager.getPackageArchiveInfo(receivedFilePath, PackageManager.GET_GIDS).applicationInfo.loadIcon(packageManager);
//then add it to a list.

The problem and it is giving me a nullpointerexception in the loadIcon and loadLabel instructions.

Btw, the
string has the filepath to that apk file (which is

Environment.getExternalStoragePublicDirectory(Environment.DIRECTORY_DOWNLOADS) + "/"+getIntent().getStringExtra("receivedFilePath"); )

And this receivedFilePath sent as a string has the name of the file (not the app)

Answer Source

Found a similar problem, hope it helps:

String APKFilePath = "mnt/sdcard/myapkfile.apk"; //For example...

PackageManager pm = getPackageManager();
PackageInfo    pi = pm.getPackageArchiveInfo(APKFilePath, 0);

// the secret are these two lines....
pi.applicationInfo.sourceDir       = APKFilePath;
pi.applicationInfo.publicSourceDir = APKFilePath;

Drawable APKicon = pi.applicationInfo.loadIcon(pm);
String   AppName = (String)pi.applicationInfo.loadLabel(pm);

REF: Get apk file icon, version, name