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C#: Anonymous method vs Named method

I'm new to SO and programming and learning day by day with bits and pieces of tech (C#) jargons.

After Googling for a while, below is what I've researched about


  1. A Method is a block of statements, which serves for code reusability
    & it also supports overloading with different SIGNATURE....for ex:
    drawShape(2pts), drawShape(3pts) etc...

  2. An
    method is one with block of statements, but no
    name....(as its premature to ask, in wt situation we come across
    anonymous method...any articles, samples ...)

  3. Named method
    : Here's a link but at the end i didn't get what Named Method actually is...

Can anyone explain what a "Named" method is, and where do we use anonymous method?

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A named method is a method you can call by its name (e.g. it is a function that has a name). For example, you have defined a function to add two numbers:

int f(int x, int y)
    return x+y;

You would call this method by its name like so: f(1, 2);.

Anonymous method is a method that is passed as an argument to a function without the need for its name. These methods can be constructed at runtime or evaluated from a lambda expression at compile time.

These methods are often used in LINQ queries, for example:

int maxSmallerThan10 = array.Where(x => x < 10).Max();

The expression x => x < 10 is called a lambda expression and its result is an anonymous function that will be run by the method Where.

If you are a beginner, I would suggest you first read about more basic stuff. Check out the following links:

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