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Is OSGi fundamentally incompatible with JSR-223 Scripting Language Discovery?

I've recently written a small specialist scripting language and used the Maven to export an OSGi compliant bundle that also exports a service descriptor into the "

" service registry file.

The problem is that although the OSGi import and export packages are fine, the service registry appears to be incompatible with OSGi (as OSGi keeps its bundles off the general classpath and uses separate classloaders for modules).

My question is, am I correct in thinking that OSGi is incompatible with the Service Discovery mechanism, and if not, what can I add to my bundle metadata so that
will list my script engine in an OSGi environment?

Answer Source

Apache Sling does use this mechanism in an OSGi environment to manage its JSR-233 compatible script engines, mostly via its ScriptEngineManagerFactory class [1]. See also [2] for an example custom script engine.

Adding your script engine to Sling should work if it's JSR-233 compatible. The simplest way to test that is probably to follow the "Sling in 15 minutes" tutorial [3] using your language instead of the server-side javascript language that's used there.




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