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Doxygen groups and modules index

I am creating a Doxygen document for my project. Recently, I have grouped related classes using

tag. After this, I have got a module tab in my documentation. It shows all modules. I want to add some description right below module name below the module name on the same page. How can I do it using Doxygen ?

Here's my tag

/*! \addtogroup test test
* Test Testing a group in doxygen
* @{

Answer Source

You have to write a dedicated .h file which contains only comments. For each group you define a comment like this:

/** @defgroup FooGroup
 * This module does yada yada yada

Then you assign definition to the group (even on different files) like this:

/** @addtogroup FooGroup */

/** Summon a goat
 * @param name The name of the goat;
 * @return The summoned goat;
Goat summon_goat (const char *name);




Also this is how it becomes. See the "Detailed Description"? You can also add code snippet and examples within the @verbatim and @endverbatim commands.

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