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In scala map, filter,grouby are functions or methods

I am new to scala. I need to understand one basic idea.

In scala, we have map,filter,groupBy etc..

Are they functions? or Are they methods?

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They are methods. See, e.g. the method.

There aren't really functions in the Scala Core Language.

Basically, the support for functions in Scala is similar to Java: any object which has a method called apply, can be used as a "function". There are a number of traits in the Scala Standard Library, called Function0[+R], Function1[-T1, +R], Function2[-T1, -T2, +R], Function3[-T1, -T2, -T3, +R], etc. which can be instantiated using special literal syntax like this:

val fn = (i: Int, j: Int) => i + j

There are two ideas what it means to be a "function" in Scala:

  • the narrow one: an instance of one of the FunctionN traits, or
  • the general one: any object which has an apply method.

map, filter, groupBy, are neither, they aren't even objects. They are methods.