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Scala Question

In-function transformation side-effects on input arguments

I have something like this:

object MyObject {
var element1 /**/
var element2 /**/
var myOtherObject: OtherObject = new OtherObject

object MyOtherObject {
var something1 /**/
var something2 /**/
var myList: List[T] = List()

def myUpdateFunction(iMyObject: MyObject) : SomeObject = {
var myCopiedObject = iMyObject


val myAwesomeOtherObject = new MyOtherObject
/*perform multiple tasks to update myAwesomeOtherObject members*/


When I check
execution on the "checkpoint" commented line, I observe my
has successfully been transformed, but that my
has too, ie.
got truncated by one.

I do not understand how this can happen.

Any clue, anyone?

By the way, I am using

Answer Source

It happens because you're just assigning the same object to another reference. myCopiedObject is not a copy of your object. You should write a method, that will create a new instance of MyObject using the same values as iMyObject holds.

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