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Android , how to get xml resouce value from resouce id using java

In res/ folder I have multilanguage XML files, one for Arabic and the other for English:

<string name="ram"/>ramallah<string>
<string name="nablus"/>Nablus<string>
<string name="jenin"/>Jenin<string>

<string name="ram"/>رام الله<string>
<string name="nablus"/>نابلس<string>
<string name="jenin"/>جنين<string>

I define names like:

int[] names= {R.string.ram, R.string.nablus, R.string.jenin}

I store these values in a database. When I select data I have values like 2131099699, 2131099623, and 21310991231. How can I map these numbers to the names in XML? And how can I get the resource value like ramallah, Nablus, and Jenin from these integer values?

Answer Source

Instead of saving resource ids in that way, you can save to database the resource name:

String[] names = {"ram", "nablus", "jenin"};

Then you can access the resource value in this way:

int stringId = context.getResources().getIdentifier(nameStored, "string", context.getPackageName());
String stringValue = "default string";
if (stringId != 0) {
   stringValue = context.getResources().getString(stringId);
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