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DynamicObject implicit casting

I have a subclass of DynamicObject and I would like to implement implicit casting for primitive types similarly as DO's explicit casting method TryConvert; that is, without writing multiple implicit operator [type] functions.


dynamic myDynamicObject = new MyDynamicObject("1");
int sum = 1 + myDynamicObject; // instead of int i = 1 + (int)myDynamicObject;

Is that possible and if so, how?

Answer Source

There are several things going on here.

First, you are performing a binary operation. So, you need to override TryBinaryOperation method as well. It will be called first, before conversion. Then from the TryBinaryOperation method you can perform a conversion.

Second, for whatever reason the TryBinaryOperation is called only if you write a statement like this:

int sum = myDynamicObject + 1;

From what I see now, the order is important. I'll check with the DLR team whether it is a bug or intended behavior.

Update: It's not a bug. To support both "1 + myDynamicObject" and "myDynamicObject + 1" you need not only TryBinaryOperation, but also something like TryBinaryOperationFromRight, which the current DynamicObject simply does not have.

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