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MySQL Question

Formatting a DateTime column in PHP

I have a column that stores DateTime in a MySQL database. I want to compare the Date part (and not the time) to the current day. I am not sure what method to use as I am very new to PHP.

$sql="SELECT journey_id FROM tbl_journeys WHERE identity='$driver_id' AND DATE_FORMAT(`date`, '%Y %m %d')='$today'";

I tried this way but it's not working. In the statement,
is a column in the table which I need to trim to only Year-month-day

Answer Source

You're using different characters between the year, month, and day in the two formats.


puts hyphens between them, while

DATE_FORMAT(`date`, '%Y %m %d')

puts spaces between them.

Change one of them to match the other, e.g.

DATE_FORMAT(`date`, '%Y-%m-%d')

Or you could just do it all in MySQL:

$sql="SELECT journey_id FROM tbl_journeys 
      WHERE identity='$driver_id' AND DATE(`date`) = TODAY()";
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