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Calculate distance between same start destination and end destination

How do you get distance between multiple latitudes and longitudes from a encoded polyline.

Currenly the Direction API calculates the distance between origin and destination. But I also want to be able to calculate the distance whenthe origin destination is the same location.

// Generates an encoded string with all the latitudes and longitues
// used to get the exact distance, otherwise the google will calculate the closet path.
String encodedLatLngList = PolyUtil.encode(latLngListTemp);
String encodedWaypointString = "waypoints=enc:" + encodedLatLngList;

RESTClient RESTClient = new RESTClient();
Call<Direction> call = RESTClient.getGoogleApiService().getDirectionWithEncodedWaypoints(originLatLng, destinationLatLng, encodedWaypointString);
call.enqueue(new Callback<Direction>() {

public void onResponse(Call<Direction> call, Response<Direction> response) {

if (response.isSuccessful()) {

Direction direction = response.body();
if (direction.getRoutes().size() > 0) {
String distance = direction.getRoutes().get(0).getLegs().get(0).getDistance().getText();
String locationA = direction.getRoutes().get(0).getLegs().get(0).getStartAddress();
String locationB = direction.getRoutes().get(0).getLegs().get(0).getEndAddress();
String duration = direction.getRoutes().get(0).getLegs().get(0).getDuration().getText();

Answer Source

You can use SphericalUtil.computeLength from the Google Maps API Utility Library to compute the length of a List<LatLng>

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