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SQL Question

How to access a SQL database in visual studio? (Razor cshtml, C#)

I Already connected my SQL database with visual studio via server explorer And i filled some tables with values.

Now, I want to access/search through a table from my SQL database in my visual studio project.
For example: in my table i have products from different categories and i only want to display products from a specific category

But, how can in do that?

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There is many ways by which you can access.If you are using connected mode Than you have to create object for connection string

 SqlConnection con = new SqlConnection(@"Data Source=nameof_server;Initial Catalog=name_of_database;Integrated Security=True");
SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand("sql_command",con);
//perform action based on your requirment
ExecuteNonQuery() // Use this for insert,update,delete

ExecuteScalar() // Use this for select single column

ExecuteReader() // Use this for select multiple records 

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