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jQuery Question

Load JQuery cycle2 on loaded Ajax content

I'm trying to initiate JQuery cycle on external HTML content loaded in with Ajax, but this doesn't seem to work:

$(".container").load("step2.html", function() {
$.fn.cycle.defaults.autoSelector = '.cycle-slideshow';

the html is as follows:

<div class="cycle-slideshow second-prize-slider" data-cycle-manual-speed="2000" data-cycle-slides="p" data-cycle-timeout=5000 >
<p>Jetzt<br />mitmachen & <br />gewinnen</span></p>
<p >T├Ąglich<br>mitspielen & <br> Gewinnchance<br> steigern!</p>

Answer Source

Just call the cycle initializer manually in your callback:

$(".container").load("step2.html", function() {

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