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How can I get number of Cores in cuda device?

I am looking to a function that count number of core of my cuda device. I know each microprocessor have specific cores, and my cuda device has 2 microprocessors.

I searched a lot to find a property function that count number of cores per microprocessor but I couldn't. I use the code below but I still need number of cores?

  • cuda 7.0

  • program language C

  • visual studio 2013


void printDevProp(cudaDeviceProp devProp)
{ printf("%s\n", devProp.name);
printf("Major revision number: %d\n", devProp.major);
printf("Minor revision number: %d\n", devProp.minor);
printf("Total global memory: %u", devProp.totalGlobalMem);
printf(" bytes\n");
printf("Number of multiprocessors: %d\n", devProp.multiProcessorCount);
printf("Total amount of shared memory per block: %u\n",devProp.sharedMemPerBlock);
printf("Total registers per block: %d\n", devProp.regsPerBlock);
printf("Warp size: %d\n", devProp.warpSize);
printf("Maximum memory pitch: %u\n", devProp.memPitch);
printf("Total amount of constant memory: %u\n", devProp.totalConstMem);

Answer Source

The cores per multiprocessor is the only "missing" piece of data. That data is not provided directly in the cudaDeviceProp structure, but it can be inferred based on published data and more published data from the devProp.major and devProp.minor entries, which together make up the CUDA compute capability of the device.

Something like this should work:

int getSPcores(cudaDeviceProp devProp)
    int cores = 0;
    int mp = devProp.multiProcessorCount;
    switch (devProp.major){
     case 2: // Fermi
      if (devProp.minor == 1) cores = mp * 48;
      else cores = mp * 32;
     case 3: // Kepler
      cores = mp * 192;
     case 5: // Maxwell
      cores = mp * 128;
     case 6: // Pascal
      cores = mp * 64;
      printf("Unknown device type\n"); 
    return cores;

(coded in browser)

"cores" is a bit of a marketing term. The most common connotation in my opinion is to equate it with SP units in the SM. That is the meaning I have demonstrated here. I've also omitted cc 1.x devices from this, as those device types are no longer supported in CUDA 7.0 and CUDA 7.5

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