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MySQL Question

How to fix "ERROR 130 (HY000): Incorrect file format"

I have a problem with my database when I made a query on one of my tables I get this error message

ERROR 130 (HY000): Incorrect file format

please how to fix it?

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try repair table , another good article

The relevant section from the first link:

MySQL database allows you to define a different MySQL storage engine for different tables. The storage engine is the engine used to store and retrieve data. Most popular storage engines are MyISAM and InnoDB.

MyISAM tables -will- get corrupted eventually. This is a fact of life.

Luckily, in most cases, MyISAM table corruption is easy to fix.

To fix a single table, connect to your MySQL database and issue a:


To fix everything, go with:

/usr/local/mysql/bin/mysqlcheck --all-databases -uUSERNAME -pPASSWORD -r

A lot of times, MyISAM tables will get corrupt and you won't even know about it unless you review the log files.

I highly suggest you add this line to your /etc/my.cnf config file. It will automatically fix MyISAM tables as soon as they become corrupt: