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MySQL Question

Get blob image from MySQL by using Node as json and print it into PHP

I'm trying to make a basic image like this :

<img src='myImage' />

It's easy yeah ? But my image is stored as a blob in my MySQL BDD.

Already easy yeah ? the answer is here.

->Nope because I'm getting my SQL lines by Node sending it to my PHP as a JSON file. So the PHP will receive an array (The image is an array with a lot of numbers and the PHP's function named "base64_encode" need a String as paramater, and not an Array). I have to convert this array to an image to print it. But i don't find how to.

Anybody know ?

Image to explain here.

var_dump($myImg) ->

array(25890) { [0]=> int(137) [1]=> int(80) [2]=> int(78) [3]=> int(71) [4]=> int(13) [5]=> int(10) [6]=> int(26) [7]=> int(10) [8]=> int(0) [9]=> int(0) [10]=> int(0) [11]=> int(13) [12]=> int(73) [13]=> int(72) [14]=> int(68) [15]=> int(82) [16]=> int(0) [17]=> ...

Answer Source

Your array contains every single char as separate element as int. You must iterate by this array and convert it into char by chr function and concatenate in one string:

$string = '';
foreach ($yourArray as $el) {
  $string .= chr($el);

And now you can do with $string whatever you want, eg convert it with base64_encode

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