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App not showing in Google Play Store even thought its published and active in the developer console

I published my app last night. It took several hours for it to show up, but eventually it did. It's called "Interesting Wikipedia," but when you search those exact words, it doesn't show up. The direct url works:

Any ideas? The strange thing is, earlier this morning I searched and it was about the 5th entry in the results. When I searched later though, it's not showing any more. I scrolled through about 250 results and it never showed.

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Google Support:

Initial Publish:

I am guessing this is your first app. New apps aren't usually going to be returned at the top of the app search.

When you first publish your application, you need to be patient and wait for Google Play to update and process your application.

For instance, your app is not found under your own developer name:,+Inc.

I did not see it in your search your provided either:

The direct link should always work:

Here are a few things to improve your visibility:

  • Ratings(I see you already rated your own app)
  • Sharing your app(Social sites)
  • Updating "Full Description"(To be easier to read)
  • Creating a "Short Description"(Try to fill out all the fields provided by Google Play)
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