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Groovy Question

What is your opinion of Groovy?

For your projects, did you have a favorable experience with Groovy? How big was the project? Were there issues with the language? Did you consider Jython, JRuby or Clojure?

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My team recently implemented a small AtomPub service using Grails (and by implication, Groovy). Overall, it was a nice experience. We briefly considered pure Java and JRuby as alternatives, but not Jython or Clojure. The team went with Groovy because it was somewhat more familiar-seeming than JRuby, but offered more flexibility than Java.

Here are some of the issues we encountered:

  • Less tool support than most of us were used to (how big a deal this is depends on the individual developer you're asking)
  • Gruesome stack traces (this may have been more Grails' fault than Groovy's)
  • With an entire team learning the language on the fly, it was difficult to arrive at a consistent, well-liked style
  • Less-than-ideal documentation for Grails (again, not Groovy's fault); the docs were changing rapidly, so the situation may have improved by now
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