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Problems with an OData filter and a Guid field

I’m trying to get some code working using OData. The following bit of code doesn’t seem to work.

ds is OpenDataServiceProxy.

adapterTypeId is the string representation of a Guid.

adapterName is a string name

ds.query('/DataAdapters?$filter=DataAdapterType.DataAdapterTypeId eq guid(\'' + adapterTypeId + '\') and Name eq \'' + adapterName + '\'', ifmgr_CreateAdapter_Step1, onGenericFailure, 'Error');

The above line give the following error:

Expression of type ‘System.Boolean’ expected at position 0.

If I remove the Guid section of the filter so that it’s just using the “Name” part it works fine.

The DataAdapters table field “DataAdapterTypeId” is foreign keyed to the “DataAdapterTypes” table DataAdapterTypeId field.

Can anyone spot what I’m doing wrong?


OK, I've changed the filter as shown below. I no longer get an error but get lots of results back rather than one record that matches the filter. Can anyone say why it's not filtering?

ds.query('/DataAdapters?($filter=Name eq \'' + adapterName + '\' and $filter=DataAdapterTypeId eq guid\'' + adapterTypeId + '\')', ifmgr_CreateAdapter_Step1, onGenericFailure, '');

Answer Source

The guid value needs to be formated like guid'' - see this for details: Don't know what you wanted to achieve with the DataAdapterType.DataAdatperTypeId, but the dot character has no special meaning in the filter expression, so it probably doesn't do what you wanted. If your DataAdapters entity set has entities of type DataAdapterType, which then has a property DataAdapterTypeId which is of type GUID, then you can filter on it by simply

DataAdapterTypeId eq guid'<value>'
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