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Use Storyboard References While Retaining Icons & Text for Tab Bar Controller

I started refactoring one of my projects to make the code easier to manage and the Tab Bar Controller lost its icons for which tab represents what. Without this I'm a bit lost which tab is what for re-ordering purposes.

How do I get the icons to show up again for a tab bar controller when I'm using storyboard references?

Refer to my attached image. Notice how the first 3 tabs are 'blank' but the other tabs that I have not refactored yet show with the icons and titles.

For those unfamiliar with storyboard references I was following the tutorial here:

enter image description here

Sample of Tasks Storyboard to show Icon set Correctly

enter image description here

Answer Source

First, in the storyboard where the tab bar controller is, there should be a scene for the referenced storyboard.

Just click on the scene that tab is associated with and click the tab bar at the bottom, then go to the attributes inspector, and you'll be able to assign a new icon to it.enter image description here

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