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ADB Android Device Unauthorized

Since I reinstalled Eclipse (simply deleted and downloaded it again) I can't debug my applications on Samsung Galaxy i9001 (with CyanogenMod - Android 4.4.2). It worked fine before reinstallation.

Unplug/plug, Uncheck/check "Debug Enabled", adb kill-server/adb start-server, restart phone/computer doesn't work for me. On the device authorize dialog never appears (but I remember that dialog appeared before reinstallation). I have no idea how to force this authorize dialog to display. There is no file in .android directory.
When i try read cpu info DDMS says:

[2014-04-15 12:47:06 - DDMS] device unauthorized. Please check the confirmation dialog on your device.

Any ideas? Is it possible to generate keys manually without confirmation dialog?

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Ohhh finally I figured it out! After removing Eclipse directory I installed it into another directory.


has displayed wrong path to sdk directory.

1. setx ANDROID_SDK_HOME "E:\adt-bundle-windows-x86_64-20140321\sdk"
2. unplug device
3. adb kill-server
4. adb start-server
5. plug device

After these steps, I was able to see confirmation dialog with RSA fingerprint on my phone :)

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