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UIBezierPath circle get specific points

I would like to draw one big circle and place some smaller circles as shown in the image below


I draw the big circe in - (void)drawRect:(CGRect)rect

CGFloat rectX = self.frame.size.width / 2;
CGFloat rectY = self.frame.size.height / 2;

CGFloat width = self.frame.size.width-30;
CGFloat height = self.frame.size.width -30;

CGFloat centerX = rectX - width/2;
CGFloat centerY = rectY - height/2;

UIBezierPath *bezierPath = [UIBezierPath bezierPathWithOvalInRect:CGRectMake(centerX, centerY, width, height)];

[[UIColor blackColor] set];
[bezierPath stroke];

Lets say I want to find 10 equally spaced points on the circle in order to draw 10 smaller red circles. Is there any smart solution? Thank you in advance.

Answer Source

The equation for a circle is:

x = cx + r * cos(a)
y = cy + r * sin(a)

where r is the radius, (cx, cy) the origin, and a the angle

you can draw a circle with

(UIBezierPath *)bezierPathWithArcCenter:(CGPoint)center radius:(CGFloat)radius startAngle:(CGFloat)startAngle endAngle:(CGFloat)endAngle clockwise:(BOOL)clockwise

function by using a CGPoint as centre and some value as the radius. You can give start angle and endangle as 0 and 360 for drawing the circle. Choose appropriate radius for the small circle and find the points using the equation mentioned at start and draw the circle

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