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pandas dataframe as field in django

I want to add pandas dataframe (or a numpy array) as a field in django model. Each model instance in django has a large size 2D array associated with it so I want to store it as numpy array or pandas dataframe.

please guide me how can I achieve it. I tried below but it doesn't work.

from django.db import models
import numpy
class datafile(models.Model)
filename = models.CharField(max_length=50)
data = numpy.array((1000,1000))

I am reading data from excel file and setting it to data variable in views.py but after I save the model, the value for data doesn't get updated.

Answer Source

You're likely gonna want to use a PickleField to store your numpy or Pandas dataframe. The PickleField will serialize the data into a text field for the database storage and convert it back upon retrieval.

from django.db import models
from picklefield.fields import PickledObjectField
import numpy

class DatafileModel(models.Model)
    data = PickledObjectField()

And then just create or manipulate your model instances with numpy or pandas objects:

datafile = DatafileModel()
datafile.data = numpy.array((1000,1000))
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